Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello is Gypsy folk-punk band. Members are immigrants from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Ethiopia, Ecuador (and some other nationalities), now they all live in NYC. They sing in multiple languages, have all kinds of instruments and do amazing shows - cabarets. Band started to play in 1999.
Here's their last full length called Super Taranta!

The singer of the band was acting in the movie called Everything Is Illuminated about a Jewish man going to Ukraine to search for a woman who saved his grandfather. Good movie, you should watch it.

So, if you like Eastern European and Gypsy music, you'll enjoy this record.

download here


D.S. 13 Killed By The Kids

Some time ago I posted 2 records of Demon System 13 : For The Kids, Not The Business and Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget? Just to remind everyone, D.S. 13 is from Sweden, plays thrashy fast hard core.
The record Killed By The Kids released in 2001 has raw thrash sound of bands from the early '80's.

download Killed By The Kids here


Black Cobra

Black Cobra's from California. Only 2 guys play in that band - drummer and guitar player. But they play massive and raw doom with sludge.
Here's the last release : Feather And Stone.

download here


Project X

Project X was a straight edge hard core project band in late '80's of Porcell ( Youth Of Today, Judge, now as well Shelter), Schreifels ( Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today...), Siegler ( Side By Side, Youth Of Today, Judge...) and Brown (Gorilla Biscuits, Side By Side). The band started coz Porcell and Brown wanted to include in their zine Schism a 7" with songs of NYC bands, but they couldn't get any so they decided to form a project band to record 5 songs for the 7". And here it is!

download here

Razlog Za

Razlog Za is a legendary hard core band from Croatia. They played old school, with some melodies, with a bit of crust and thrash... Good Eastern European stuff! This band was a big influence for many other ex-Yugoslavian bands. Many played their covers, there's as well tribute to Razlog Za...
Here's sorta discography with almost all of the songs the band released.

download here


Coalesce (from Kansas City) plays kinda chaotic, but very technical hardcore, almost mathcore. Metallic riffs, distorted bass, time and tempo changes, brutal , heavy and noisy. Coalesce!
Here's Give Them Rope, She Said cd (2004), which is remixed and remastered Give Them Rope from '98. And Functioning on Impatience cd. Give Them Rope has the best cover I've ever seen. The artwork is amazing!

download here Give Them Rope
download here Functioning On Impatience


P.S. Just to mention - Coalesce made a split EP with Napalm Death.

Holy Molar

Holy Molar's from San Diego and the band features (again) members of The Locust, Some Girls, Das Oath, Swing Kids, Charles Bronson and so on... The music is sorta The Locust style...
Here's Cavity Search 7" EP and The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth, 3" cd.

download here The Whole Tooth
download here cavity Search


Some Girls

This is really interesting band. Features members of so many bands that's hard to count all of them, so I'll mention only few of them : XO Skeletons, The Locust, American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost, Unbroken, Swing Kids, Holy Molar... seems like those guys played in every San Diego band.
They started to play in 2001 and broke up only few months ago.
Some Girls play mix of hard core, noise core, spastic hard core with chaotic rhythm, and even some grind. Hard to explain...

Here are 2 records. All My Friends Are Going Death (released in 2003) is compilation of 2 EPs, and some unreleased songs. The DNA Will Have It's Say it's EP from 2005. Enjoy! I know you will!

download The DNA here
download All My Friends here


Sylvester Staline/Magrudergrind split

Here's really good split of two great fastcore/powerviolence bands. Magrudergrind is from USA and Sylvester Staline is from France.

download here

Sylvester Staline myspace
Magruregrind myspace


Bloodlet from Florida, was formed from ashes of sxe band called Solid Answer. The music they played was then called evil-core. It's blend of doom metal, sludge and hardcore. Band was active between 1992-2003.
Eclectic is first full length which contains the first 4 demos.

download here

Ink & Dagger

Ink & Dagger was this crazy vampire-themed band from Philly, that was active in the '90's.
Musically it was kinda post-hardcore with aggressive DC punk, with noisecore, techno touch, experimental, psychedelic hardcore.
Here I have for you 4 releases : Drive This Seven-Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart, Sensations EP, The Fine Art of Original Sin and split 7" with Le Shock.

download here The Fine Art...
download Sensations here
download here Drive This...
download here the split

Old Man Gloom

Old Man Gloom is sorta recording project featuring members of Isis, Cave In, Zozorba, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Converge. Christmas s is 4th full length. It took 3 years to record this album, but surely the wait has been worth it. 13 songs from this record are very musically diverse, having shifts of moods and styles. Sludge with apocalyptic blast, with psychedelic ambient... epic!

download here



Enzweck comes from Japan and plays fast melodic hardcore with touch of metal and furious screaming vocals.
Here I have 4 releases of Endzweck : A Farewell To Arms, which is 2nd mini album, Strange Love Or: How Those Learned To Stop Warring And Love Bombs, which is discography of stuff recorded between 2001-2004, The Grapes of Wrath - 1st full length and The Naked and The Dead which is 2nd full length and so far last release.

download Strange Love here
download A Farewell To Arms here
download The Grapes of Wrath here
download The Naked and The Dead here