Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello is Gypsy folk-punk band. Members are immigrants from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Ethiopia, Ecuador (and some other nationalities), now they all live in NYC. They sing in multiple languages, have all kinds of instruments and do amazing shows - cabarets. Band started to play in 1999.
Here's their last full length called Super Taranta!

The singer of the band was acting in the movie called Everything Is Illuminated about a Jewish man going to Ukraine to search for a woman who saved his grandfather. Good movie, you should watch it.

So, if you like Eastern European and Gypsy music, you'll enjoy this record.

download here



Cracknowledge said...

Start posting again, please.

Anonymous said...

hey dude, i have had you linked on my blog for ages!

want to return the favor please?



Dreamers of Eden said...

Good albums, guy...

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FiXXXer said...

could you please tell me the pass for this cd?


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