5ive from Boston plays kinda sludgy, experimental post rock, instrumental, psychedelic, massive, stoner music. Here I post the 3rd full length Hesperus, from march 2008. Ah, this record is so good!!
There are only 2 members of the band, drummer and guitar player. Rest of the instruments are played at shows and records by "rented" musicians, like for example bass player of Isis...
It's gigantic! You won't regret downloading it.

download here

no website


Here's another band from Umea, Sweden - Meshuggah. It's very difficult to describe what kinda music the band plays, coz it's mix of many genres, from thrash and death metal, thru mathcore, progressive metal and even some jazz fusion.
Here I have 2 albums : Catch 33 from from 2005 and last record ObZen from 2008.

download Catch 33 here
download ObZen here


Cult Of Luna "Somewhere Along the Highway"

And here's another post about Cult Of Luna, the band from Umea, Sweden. Previously I posted here Salvation, now it's time for last release of Cult Of Luna called Somewhere Along the Highway from 2006.

download here

Cursed III : Architects of Troubled Sleep

Cursed is an awesome band from Canada, that started to play in 2001. Cursed features members of Swarm, Left For Dead, The Black Hand and so on.... Musically Cursed is thrashy, sludgy hard core, very heavy, slow and aggressive.
The 3rd full length is called Architects of Troubled Sleep and it's pretty fresh release, coz it went out in March 2008.
Good shit!!!

download here

Envy part 2

I already posted 2 releases of Envy, this post-hard core, screamo band from Japan, Angel's Curse Whispered In The Edge Of Despair and split with Yaphet Kotto and This Machine Kills. But I see that Envy is downloaded pretty often, so I decided to post a bit more stuff:
Breathing And Dying In This Place full length from 1996, I think it's the first release of the band, All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead full length from 2001, A Dead Sinking Story full length from 2003 and Abyssal a mini album from 2007 what's so far last release.

download Breathing And Dying In This Place here
download Abyssal here
download All The Footprints here
download A Dead Sinking Story here

Children Of Fall

Children Of Fall was a Swedish hard core band that started in late 90's after Serene broke up. I can't really describe in few words their music, mainly coz every record is different. The first 2 albums are pretty aggressive and a bit chaotic with big dose of metal. But the last album Bonjour Tristesse is slower and has some of Isis influence. People like to call it emo, but I'm not sure if that's exactly what's the record is about. Dunno...

download here Riding a Broken Vehicle
download here Ignition For Poor Hearts
download here Bonjour Tristesse

website doesn't work.

Charles Bronson

And here's again something special! Complete discocrappy of Charles Bronson, a super fast thrash punk band from Chicago, USA. So sad that the band existed only for 3 years (1994-1997), but those 3 short years were enough to bring Charles Bronson to be a legend.
Here is all the stuff that band ever released : songs from demos, splits and so on. The discography contains ... 123 songs! 21 last songs on that discocrappy were unreleased.
This band's so much fun! It'll make you smile.

download here

The Dillinger Escape Plan

I'm pretty sure that The Dillinger Escape Plan doesn't need much introduction, so only few words. DEP comes from New Jersey and plays mathcore with some post-hardcore parts here and there, even though last record Ire Works is a bit more experimental than other stuff the band recorded.

Here's all the full lengths of DEP : Calculating Infinity (1999), Miss Machine (2004) and Ire Works (2007). And 2 EPs, s/t from 1997 and Irony Is A Dead Scene from 2002, featuring Mike Patton.
Amazing band!!

download here Miss Machine
download here s/t EP
download here Irony Is A Dead Scene
download here Ire Works
download here Calculating Infinity


XO Skeletons

XO Skeletons is this amazing band that plays digital hard core, techno, electro, ah...I really don't know how to describe it. But I love it!
Usually I don't like that much this mix (well, I'm not a big fan of electro nor techno) but this band really got me. It's damn catchy.
The band features members of Give Up The Ghost, Some Girls, American Nightmare and Hatebreed.
Here is the 7" Asthmagasm and an album called Bored By Heaven. Really good shit! You gotta check it out.

download 7" here
download Bored By Heaven here



Subsistencia was anarcho- punk band from Los Angeles. The singer was as well in Tragatelo. It was political band that thru the music was spreading a message about anarchism, veganism, femilism, drug free, Zapatista, etc. The music was mix of pre-hispanic instruments and the "nowadays" instruments.
Here is the only full length the band released called Nuestra Tierra Anahuac. They released as well one more split, that I'm gonna post here later.

download here


Violent Noise Party

Here is an EP compilation for you. 12 bands from 8 countries, grind, thrash, crust and power violence.

KUOLEMA- (Finland)
LOW FAT- (Thailand)
YACÖPSAE- (Germany)
NASHGUL- (Spain)

download here

Matka Teresa

I was requested to post Matka Teresa, so here it is. Unfortunately I have only these 2 splits, with F.U.B.A.R. (amazing grind from Holland) and with Fuck On The Beach from Japan. And there are 2 songs of Matka Teresa on the compilation which I'll post after this one.
From what I heard Matka Teresa was formed by Polish guys that live in Holland, the bass player was as well in Olho De Gato. They play power violence with crust influences.
If anyone has some other releases of Matka teresa, please, let me know or post a link. It'll be appreciated. Thanx.

download here split with F.U.B.A.R.
download here split with FxOxBx

King Ly Chee

And here I present you straight edge band from Hong Kong! The band formed in 1999 and I think I'm not gonna do any mistake saying that it was the first hard core band that started to play in Hong Kong. The music is somehow mix between old school and new school, with lots of melodies and singing along parts. What's as well cool is that the band has a female singer, that surely knows how to scream. In 2003 the band was touring Europe and so far it was the only tour outside Asia.
King Ly Chee released 2 full length album, one split CD and an EP called Unite Asia, which is the last release - from January 2008, and I post it here.
Lyrics are in English and Chinese.
Here I post the EP in 2 versions - one in Chinese and the other one in English.

download here the Chinese version
download here the English version


Disclose & Wind Of Pain - split tape

Here is a split tape of Disclose from Japan and Wind Of Pain from Finland. Disclose started to play at the beginning of the 90s. They play Discharge style, not only musically but as well the lyric wise. All the lyrics are about war.
Wind of Pain is sorta crusty d-beat. The drummer used to play in Forca Macabra and in Rytmihäiriö (as well the guitar player was in Rytmihäiriö).

download here

If anyone is interested in listening to more of Disclose, let me know, so I'll post some other of their stuff.

Destrukcija Stvarnosti

Destrukcija Stvarnosti is pretty young band from Croatia. They formed in 2006. They said about the kinda music they play : "Musically we play a rough blend of oldschool and modern hardcore with some crusty and melodic influences aside".
I really like the fact they sing in Croatian (except of 2 songs). Lyrics have political message.
Here's the the full length,s/t the band released I think at the end of last year, so it's still pretty fresh. It's the only release so far.

download here



And here's again something from far far away. Vassline is hard core metal band from South Korea. As I wrote in the post about The Geeks, the hard core scene in South Korea is mainly about metal, and Vassline is surely one of the best metal bands playing over there. The band has quite a lot of releases. Here is the last release, from 2007, the 3rd full length called Permanence, very good quality metalcore.

download here


The Locust - discography part 2

So here's the second part of The Locust's discography. Enjoy!
split with Arab On Radar
split with Jenny Piccolo
split with Man Is The Bastard
split with Melt Banana

The Locust - discography part 1

Time for something crazy. The Locust has this very cool combination of grind core and analog synthesizers, superb performance on the stage, costumes, etc. When I saw them first time, I was amazed! Even though that time didn't know if I love them or hate them. They were just so unusual, new and different. But that was looooong time ago...

As well as far as I remember the drummer was playing on the floor and the rest of the members on the stage...

Some guys from The Locust formerly played in political bands like Swing Kids and Struggle and some other that are less interesting.

I wanna post here the full discography of The Locust. In part one will be full length and eps, in part 2 there will be splits with other bands.

So, download and have fun!

Well I'll Be A Monkeys Uncle
The Locust
The Locust EP
Safety Second Body Last
Plague Soundscapes
Follow the Flock, Step in Shit
Flight of the Wounded Locust


Betercore was a powerviolence/youthcrustcore straight-edge political band from Holland that played between 99-03 or something. Absolutely amazing band! Here's the Youthcrust Discography that I think what the last think that was released.

I really like the fact that they were straight-edge and were against the fanaticism of it, what you can read in the lyrics of SXE But Not An Assole:
Sxe seems good to me
There is nothing wrong with bein’ drugfree
But what’s wrong with your attitude
I will never judge people like you do
Can’t you see it’s all personal
Not an absolute truth
If you are not able to respect someone
Drop out is what you should

Sxe, but not an asshole

If you judge people it’s your own fault
If you don’t like that someone drinks
You are the one with a problem
Of course it’s ok not to drink
But it’s also ok to do

Anyways, here it is for you. Enjoy!

download here



Tragatelo was Latino political thrash punk band from Los Angeles, that was active for only about 3 years, 1999-2001 or something. The drummer's from Los Crudos/Limp Wrist, so you can have better imagination on what the band played and what they were about. The female singer was in Subsistencia as well. All the lyrics are in Spanish, having political message.

download here


Blood I Bleed

Blood I Bleed is band from Holland that plays hard core/grind core. The band started in 2002 right after My Minds Mine stopped playing. Here are 2 splits, one with F.U.B.A.R. (another grind core band from Holland) and second is with the Japanese Sound Like Shit. As well as I post here the CD called High Octane Thrash.

download here High Octane Thrash
download here split with F.U.B.A.R.
download here split with Sound Like Shit


The Geeks

The Geeks is sxe youth crew positive hard core band from... South Korea!! Cool, huh?
This was the first South Korean band that went on tour. The Geeks toured the US last year and seems like the fans of traditional straight-edge hardcore consider that band as Asia's version of Youth Of Today.
From what I know most of the bands in South Korea play metal so it's really cool to have The Geeks that play this happy music and shines among the metal heads.

Here's the record from 2007 Everytime We Fall. Unfortunately all the lyrics are in English, so we can't hear any Korean, but at least it's easy to understand everything.

download here


Kias Fansuri

And here's really cool band from Malaysia, Kias Fansuri, that plays punk- screamo. Really nice, emotional stuff. I have here 4 songs demo, self titled.

download here


Lahar (band from Czech, don't mistake it with the band from the US)

Lahar's fantastic band from Czech rep, playing fast core/ power violence. Here I have for you split with another very good Czech band called Gride. This is funny split, has 10 songs, each band has 5 and all the songs are covers of other Czech bands. As well Gride covers Lahar, and vice versa. Good Stuff. And here's as well demo from 2003. Listen to it, you won't regret.

download demo here
download split here


E 150

And this is another very special record. E 150 was political band from Barcelona, Spain that was active in years 1995-2004. That band brings all my memories from the time I was living in Spain. So many good bands played then. And E 150 is definitely one of the best. Here's the full discography, everything the band ever released. Almost 50 minutes of fast, thrashy hard core. If you like Los Crudos, you'll love E 150 for sure.
So, tell me what you think.

download here



Outlast was political, sxe youth crew old school band from Sweden that played in the 90s. In the time they played they had really big influence of the scene around Europe. I still remember that every one was singing "positive hard core, positive youth".
Later on, the members of Outlast went to play in bands like Victims, Sayyadina, Nasum, Acursed and more.
Here I have for you As Sure As I Live. Enjoy!!
Ah, I heard that they started to play again...

download here


New Winds

New Winds was great political vegan Straight Edge band from Portugal. They played passionate old style hard core, sorta in spirit of 4 Walls Falling... For me personally, this is live band. I'm not saying that their records are bad but shows are so good, harder, stronger and filled with so much energy. This record comes along with 170-page book with all the lyrics of the band, explanations, writings of political prisoners, articles, poems, contributions about politics, injustice, culture of resistance, animal liberation and other important issues. For this band hardcore/punk is not only music.
The fact that they speak out loud about their views brought on them lots of critics especially from Germany, coz the band is pro - Palestinian and as we all know, Germany is filled with anti-Deutch, so lots of their shows were canceled in Germany...

So, here is A Spirit Filled Revolution. Enjoy it!

download here


Bolesno Grinje

Bolesno Grinje is band from Croatia that mixes hard core, crust and some grind core. Pobjeda Je Nasa is the first release from 2001, that was released on Mexican label Endless Brutality of Man. The band has released as well a split LP with Slovenian band Sodn’ Dan. So here you have Pobjeda Je Nasa (Victory is ours) and the split with Mercenary Cockroach (which so far is last release). Enjoy.

download here Pobjeda Je Nasa
download split here




I don't think that Converge needs much introduction. This amazing metal or math metal, or punk metal (however you wanna call it) band is known around, I guess. But maybe still there's someone who wants to download their music.
So here you have Caring And Killing from 97, Jane Doe from 2001, No Heroes from 2006 and The Poacher Diaries split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

download here split
download here Jane Doe
download here Caring And Killing
download here No Heroes