Some Girls

This is really interesting band. Features members of so many bands that's hard to count all of them, so I'll mention only few of them : XO Skeletons, The Locust, American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost, Unbroken, Swing Kids, Holy Molar... seems like those guys played in every San Diego band.
They started to play in 2001 and broke up only few months ago.
Some Girls play mix of hard core, noise core, spastic hard core with chaotic rhythm, and even some grind. Hard to explain...

Here are 2 records. All My Friends Are Going Death (released in 2003) is compilation of 2 EPs, and some unreleased songs. The DNA Will Have It's Say it's EP from 2005. Enjoy! I know you will!

download The DNA here
download All My Friends here



Mars said...

Thanks Gingerrrrrr! I've been feeling the HxCx for real lately!