The Locust - discography part 1

Time for something crazy. The Locust has this very cool combination of grind core and analog synthesizers, superb performance on the stage, costumes, etc. When I saw them first time, I was amazed! Even though that time didn't know if I love them or hate them. They were just so unusual, new and different. But that was looooong time ago...

As well as far as I remember the drummer was playing on the floor and the rest of the members on the stage...

Some guys from The Locust formerly played in political bands like Swing Kids and Struggle and some other that are less interesting.

I wanna post here the full discography of The Locust. In part one will be full length and eps, in part 2 there will be splits with other bands.

So, download and have fun!

Well I'll Be A Monkeys Uncle
The Locust
The Locust EP
Safety Second Body Last
Plague Soundscapes
Follow the Flock, Step in Shit
Flight of the Wounded Locust