Envy part 2

I already posted 2 releases of Envy, this post-hard core, screamo band from Japan, Angel's Curse Whispered In The Edge Of Despair and split with Yaphet Kotto and This Machine Kills. But I see that Envy is downloaded pretty often, so I decided to post a bit more stuff:
Breathing And Dying In This Place full length from 1996, I think it's the first release of the band, All The Footprints You've Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead full length from 2001, A Dead Sinking Story full length from 2003 and Abyssal a mini album from 2007 what's so far last release.

download Breathing And Dying In This Place here
download Abyssal here
download All The Footprints here
download A Dead Sinking Story here