Subsistencia was anarcho- punk band from Los Angeles. The singer was as well in Tragatelo. It was political band that thru the music was spreading a message about anarchism, veganism, femilism, drug free, Zapatista, etc. The music was mix of pre-hispanic instruments and the "nowadays" instruments.
Here is the only full length the band released called Nuestra Tierra Anahuac. They released as well one more split, that I'm gonna post here later.

download here



Anonymous said...

For some reason, the rip of songs 7 and 8 were cut short. Song 7, "Cuauhtenoc" is only ripped for 59 seconds, and Song 8, "Primer Pasa" is only ripped for 24 seconds. All the other songs appear to be the right length. Thanks for upping this album, but it's a shame that those songs are cut short!

krustie said...

esto estaba dando vueltas hace rato por la web y están cortados 3 temas, yo tengo sólo la Tape, pero no tengo cómo pasarlo a digital...