King Ly Chee

And here I present you straight edge band from Hong Kong! The band formed in 1999 and I think I'm not gonna do any mistake saying that it was the first hard core band that started to play in Hong Kong. The music is somehow mix between old school and new school, with lots of melodies and singing along parts. What's as well cool is that the band has a female singer, that surely knows how to scream. In 2003 the band was touring Europe and so far it was the only tour outside Asia.
King Ly Chee released 2 full length album, one split CD and an EP called Unite Asia, which is the last release - from January 2008, and I post it here.
Lyrics are in English and Chinese.
Here I post the EP in 2 versions - one in Chinese and the other one in English.

download here the Chinese version
download here the English version